About CPJ


Our objective is to offer the very best partnership on the market and smooth project implementation. The aim is very simple: increased profits for the client with the help of our input.   There is always room for a player who creates quality and delivers innovative and well thought-out solutions. CPJ Consulting has the background and experience that makes us the perfect choice for this type of consultancy service.

Gain business growth!


CPJ Consulting stands firmly for what it believes in, although this does not necessarily tally with the client’s opinions. We do not do this for self-realisation but because we possess extensive knowledge of sales processes, project management, marketing, as well as business and concept development.   Being aware of our client’s core values is of prime importance as it enables us to deliver the desired result within the given framework. Pooling our expertise with that of our clients paves the way for rapid progress and, most importantly, generates income for our clients.

Gain business growth!