CPJ Consulting has a product portfolio with a clear goal of effective communication. Our portfolio is designed to lead our clients to greater profits and to provide support for cost-effective measures.

Marketing automation

How should marketing departments be able to justify their budget when it is so difficult to put an ROI on stakes?

What gives many clicks on a banner in the form of purchase?

Is 2000 Facebook-likes worth anything?

How do I turn quantity into quality, and how do I see to it that the sales department only get hot leads?

It may sound “too much”, but a properly functioning marketing automation systems actually provide answers to all the questions above. For a marketing department and a marketing manager is MA-system, in most cases, for once, an investment that gives money back. MA-system is larger than just marketing; they also influence the sales department and the company management. Personally, I have only scratched the surface in terms of MA-system, but I know enough about marketing and lead generation to make the difference it can mean. It is terribly tricky to prove the tangible results of marketing efforts and it becomes increasingly important to be able to justify these activities higher up in the hierarchy. MA-system gives you the hard numbers you need.

Our system is called LookWhosClicking.

Postage optimization

We help our customers to streamline all aspects of a campaign. This is regardless of whether it is in Sweden or any other part of the world.
The postage is a large part of your direct marketing campaign. Our task is to help our clients find the optimal and most efficient routes for a campaign, thereby lowering the cost in this area.