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Track, measure and improve marketing in a whole new way.

LookWho’sClickning® OnDemand software helps you create Personalized URLs and Landing Pages with ease.

It generates powerful reports, gaining immediate insight into the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. It tracks results by individual responder, visitor profile, or any other criteria – in Real Time.

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One of our customers has made email activities to their customers and prospects. We made a split-run (shared mailing in two parts). The customer had the same result as before. Around 1% of the response. We gotwith LookWho’sClickning® 11.2% responses.

A printing company wanted to make a consecration of their new machines and invite customers and prospects. Postcards were sent to 462 people. This was followed up with 2 different e-mails on the book itself. The day before the opening ceremony sent a text message to all who were notified as a reminder (4 people communicate when they were double booked. Meeting booked immediately with these individuals at a later date). 219 people attended the opening ceremony. Substantially admit for the next 250,000 booked directly at the inauguration.

Another example of activity that we made for one of our client

They would be exhibitorat in a show in the UK. We made an invitation to all their customers and prospects in the Nordic countries (in each language). We first sent a postcard inviting to them and book themself to thire stand. Then followed two pieces reminders via email with a call to book on a visit to the booth. The result was that 75% of the sellers time was scheduled before the fair started. The result easily not long in coming. It is the best fair they had ever done in both the number of visitors but also the number of substantially admit that was written at the fair.

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