Efficient Services


CPJ Consulting acts as a sounding board on market communication issues for medium to large companies. Our analysis methodology for more effective market communication achieves results and leads to greater profits.


Sales processes

CPJ Consulting develops and streamlines sales processes in order to achieve the best possible results. We also conduct targeted sales campaigns during limited and contracted periods.

Sales promoting measures

CPJ Consulting conducts internal and external activities that lead to increased income flows. For example, staff and customer training programmes that underpin partnerships and collaboration.

Catalyst – activation of development processes

We act as a catalyst, that is to say we ensure that new and existing ideas are implemented and lead to a positive result. Good ideas become commercially viable and profitable instead of staying at the concept stage due to the lack of time. You start with the project when you take over responsibility at a later stage. Alternatively, you let CPJ run the project until the set goals have been achieved.

Service and concept development

CPJ Consulting has many years’ experience of managing these types of development chains. Everything we do is with the aim of achieving results that lead you forward.

Management/Project Management

CPJ Consulting’s knowledge and experience is at your disposal in the form of project-based management, both for the short and the long term. We have many years of management experience to call upon.

Market research

Market research is for find out more about corporate customers and thus get a receipt for the company’s products or services is perceived by customers. Thus, given the potential improvements to help meet the needs of the market.

Surveys to acquire knowledge of what customers think of us.

Staff survey, we conduct also when a change is important what the staff thinks.